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Building Authenticity & Resilience in Others.


Welcome. I'm Nate, the author of Your REAL Life: Get Authentic, Be Resilient, Make it Count. I am also a certified coach, well-being guru, human resources expert, enterprise business leader and entrepreneur.

Eight years ago, during a session I had with a coach, I experienced a life changing "ah-ha" moment. Inspired by the power of coaching, I got certified as a coach. My mission: to make the world a better place, one human at a time, by building authenticity and resilience in others. 

I do this in a variety of ways -- through my coaching and consulting services, guest lectures and workshops, speaking engagements and now through my book. I'd love to help you have your own "ah-ha" moment, lean into life's adversity and/or help you find your own life's purpose as I found mine. Allow me to be your purpose authenticity and resilience coach.

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