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Nate is a popular global keynote speaker and has spoken around the world both virtually and in person in Asia, Australia, Europe and in North America. He most often speaks about his book Your Real Life as well as Wellbeing in the Workplace, Purpose & Meaning, HR Strategy, Mental Health, LGBTQ+ matters, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, Digitalization & Wellbeing as well as Authenticity and Resilience.

He has also been on numerous podcasts and has appeared as a featured guest in columns and other articles.

Make it Happen Monday with John Barrows
Authentic Resilience - A tool to overcome Adversity

Nathan Y Andres.jpg

Just recently in April 2024, Nate spoke with sales giant and entreprenuer accelerator podcast host John Barrows about how authenticity and the REAL model can be useful to sales teams and entreprenuers. The pair share stories about authenticity and values and the importance of finding purpose while talking about Your REAL Life.

Click the image below to be linked to the engaging discussion.

Steps to Build a Well-being Strategy at the Workplace

Back in May 2023, on the Something Bigger Talk Show, hosted by former executive and media personality Rodrigo Canelas, Nate discussed a step-by-step way to create well-being at work. In addition to sharing concepts from his book Your Real Life, Nate got intimate and shared more about his own mental health journey, too.


Building Mental Health & Psychological Safety in a Digitalized Workplace

As part of the Singapore Government National Agenda for upskilling in a digital world, Nate spoke on behalf of the Singapore Computer Society (SCS) in July 2023. An interesting keynote speech about how being human will be our strength in an ever changing digital world.

SGS Linkedin Pic 1_edited.jpg

Anxiety, HR Activism & Authentic Resilience - Podcast - May 2023

In partnership with the amazing team at Feel Good UK, Nate spoke with C-suite leader, Rich Heasman about Anxiety, the role of HR Actvisim in Wellbeing at Work and about Nate's book and his concept of Authentic Resilience. A tremendous May 2023 chance to get to know Feel Good as well as Nate's expertise. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Nathan Andres on FeelGood U.K. Podcast

Build Authenticity & Resilience the REAL way -  Podcast - June 2023

In June 2023, Nate spoke with Helen Spalding of globally renowned recruitment and digital placement agency, SALT. They discuss about writing a book, the REAL model and how to use Nate's philosophy in career, work and in life. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Interview Profile of Nathan Andres with Salt Recruitment and Marketing Group

Becoming Super Resilient -  Podcast - August 2022

Back in August 2022, on The Finding Equilibrium Show podcast, Nate spoke with Wellbeing Advocate and Wellbeing at Work Summit APAC CEO, Lawrence Mitchell about the relationship between Purpose, Resilience and building a life of wellbeing and joy. Using The Body Shop as a backdrop, Nate explores how he wrote his book and how purposeful companies can achieve "equilirbrium."

Nathan Andres speaking at Wellbeing at Work Conference Australia

Purpose fuels Resilience as a Magic Power - Wellbeing at Work

In April of 2022, as Singapore was just beginning to re-open the nation and in-person events, Nate was invited to speak at the Wellbeing at Work Summit Asia in Singapore. At the time, working for The Body Shop, Nate discusses the importance of Purpose and why strength-based skills help fuel business results. A quick clip is available here.

Nathan Andres speaking about Purpose at Wellbeing at Work Conference Singapore

Other Speaking Engagements & Events

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