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Nathan Andres, M.A., is a coach, well-being and LGBTQ activist, and business leader. The drive to authentically serve others developed into a love of helping people, ultimately leading to a career in Human Resources where he’s spent over two decades so far. ​


Nate knows his life purpose is to be a light, building authenticity and resilience in others. Having lived and traveled around the world, his mission is to show people the way through their struggles and teach them how to care for their whole person. Though he only started developing the REAL model in adulthood, his friends and family tell him he’s been coaching his whole life. 

Nathan Andres seated wearing glasses in arm chair.
Photo Credit: Yahya Ayob

A believer in life-long learning, and specialist in career reinvention, Nate first earned a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science from Marquette University in 1995. He is a 2004 graduate of New York University’s Human Resource Management Graduate Diploma program. In 2015, Nate became a Certified Professional and Executive Coach through ICF and earned a Masters of Arts, in Coaching, Learning & Development from Middlesex University, London in 2017. He is a member in good standing of the ICF - International Coaching Federation.


A Columbus, Ohio (USA) native, Nate is truly a global citizen. He has traveled extensively around the world for business and pleasure. He is a popular public and online speaker having engaged audiences across four continents. Currently residing between Washington D.C. and Singapore, Nathan has been based in Asia-Pacific nearly 20 years; he lived twice in Tokyo, Japan and holds a permanent residency card in Hong Kong. Nathan is a four-time marathon finisher and enjoys tennis, yoga, strength training, meditation and movies. He is an avid Wellbeing & LGBTQ activist contributing to causes around the world. When off duty, Nathan and his husband spend endless hours playing with their dogs, Vivi & Coco.

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