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Love wins. In Business, too.

Love in the business context sounds scary. Leaders seem to be wary of this word. But why? In recent months, I talked a lot with leaders, managers, coaches and consultants about the role that LOVE plays in our lives, both at work and outside of work. What is interesting is that businesses seem to shy away from wanting to talk about love, but yet it's fundamental to the business psyche. We need to be talking more about love in the workplace. It's what helps people grow, become more resilient, take risks and innovate, experience psychological safety, enables vulnerability, supports and ultimately, what drives business. Think about that for a minute. We talk about LOVE at work a lot; but we often forget about how to love and share that love at work. 💗 Businesses LOVE profits. Management & Leadership LOVE bonuses. But why not talk about how to LOVE the people inside the business-- the ones doing the actual work-- ? 💗 Businesses talk about "Loving their Customers"-- So why is talking about loving its people so difficult? Why is this word so scary? 💗 Love in the business setting can show up in the forms of Forgiveness (of self, others, management, customers), Community Building (teams, workgroups, agile teams, ERGs, "work-spouses"), Communication (celebrations, appreciation, honest/candid feedback) and Humor-Fun! When we include LOVE at work-- in all its forms-- everyone wins.


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